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Check out all NEW, standards-aligned STEM Teaser curriculum and accompanying videos below to get students in grades 2-5 engaged in and excited about STEM learning!

A Robot Dance

After giving a classmate precise instructions about how to complete a specific task, students will watch a video that explains how programmers code robots. Students will then develop their own code for a robot dance, which they will share with their peers!

Chain Reactions

After exploring the concept of potential and kinetic energy, students will work together to create a storyboard for their own chain reaction. This chain reaction will combine a series of imaginative energy transfers in order to accomplish a specific task.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Students will apply what they learn about waste reduction in order to drive change in their school. Then, students will collaborate to create a classroom campaign that educates their peers about reducing, reusing or recycling and will choose a place to share their message.